Jexactyl: the next-gen Game Panel.

Built on the latest frameworks with security and performance in mind.

Full of features and functions to make your users rejoice.

Jexactyl is an open-source, feature-rich panel built on Pterodactyl which offers many features which make running your next game server easier.

Fully customizable, at the click of a button.

Jexactyl features a clean and simple admin interface for controlling (almost!) every single major feature via the UI. Toggle user registration, change the reward for referring users and much much more.

Designed for Minecraft and much, much more.

With features such as a Spigot plugin manager and advanced metrics per-instance, you'll have no trouble with getting the next Hypixel up and running.

Open and transparent, down to the core.

The code behind Jexactyl is fully open and available at our GitHub, in order to improve transparency and improve our software based on user feedback.

Functional, yet also beautiful.

Jexactyl focuses on improving and adding to the existing UI from Pterodactyl, ensuring a quality experience for all users. Components are easily modifiable and consist of dark colors with prominent content.

UI Screenshots

These images are screenshots taken from the latest version of Jexactyl.